Non Profit Coaching

August 30, 2015


Have you been wanting to start a nonprofit and have no idea where to start?

Do you have an idea for a nonprofit, but don’t know how to develop your vision or mission?

Do you need support and guidance in building your nonprofit from the ground up?

Do you wonder how to get committed board members for your nonprofit and how to have effective board member meetings?

Are you looking for ways to get donors who give consistently throughout the year?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES”, then I invite you to join me as a participant in my Nonprofit Coaching Program.

JOIN Attorney Karmen A. Booker to discover key factors for developing and managing a non profit.

Attorney Booker will teach you:

  • How to Develop Your Vision / Mission for Your Nonprofit Organization
  • How to Build your Nonprofit’s Board of Directors and the Legal Responsibilities of Board of Directors
  • How to Use Volunteers and Tips to Keep Them Coming
  • Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Fundraising Tips and Strategies
  • Getting Charitable Donors for your Nonprofit

You Will also Receive a FREE COPY of Attorney Booker’s Book, “Nonprofit Handbook”, which provides strategies and effective tools for your Nonprofit Organization that will yield premium quality services for those you serve.

Take Advantage and Register for Attorney’s



 $599.00 per month (Save $148)

Register NOW, before we run out of space (Only 50 spaces are available): is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to learn what it takes to establish a non profit organization, maintain an existing nonprofit organization and Take it to the Next Level, so you can help transform the lives of others (men, women, youth, and children)  through your non profit programs and services.

Oh, and let me mention this . . .

You will undoubtedly reap the benefits of Non profit Coaching, which are:

  • Increased task completion in a timely manner and productivity
  • Improved skills and fundraising skills
  • Improved relationships with officers and board of directors
  • Increased ability and confidence in exercising leadership on a daily basis
  • Improved ability to move the organization towards its goals and vision

You’ll receive your APPLICATION for the Nonprofit Coaching as soon as you register here:

Please make it a priority to join me so we can help you establish and maintain your Nonprofit Organization and Take it to the Next Level.

P.S. Yes, by all means please forward this email to as many of your friends and associates as you’d like, so they too can register using the link below, but please remember to register ASAP, so we don’t run out of space.

Nonprofit Coaching Flyer

$249.00  per month




$599.00 – 3 Month Coaching Package




3-month Nonprofit Coaching Package – (50% payment) – $299.50




Nonprofit Power Point Presentation

February 4, 2015

Be sure to get your Copy of the How to Start a Nonprofit Organization Power Point Today – $35.00

You will Learn:

*  How to Establish a Nonprofit Organization

*  Benefits of Establishing a Nonprofit Organization

*  Building Your Nonprofit’s Board

*  Strategic Planning

*  Fundraising


e-book Bundle Special

December 27, 2014

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Board Development Training

November 7, 2014

Does your Board of Directors need help in working as a team?

Do you know how to select qualified Board members?

Do you have trouble maintaining Board members?

Do your Board members need motivation to support and promote fundraising efforts of the nonprofit organization?

Do your Board of Directors lack initiative and passion in fulfilling the nonprofit’s vision, mission, and goals?


The SOLUTION is Board Development Training.


After working with many nonprofit organizations, I have recognized the need for a concise, affordable tool for Nonprofit Boards to use to assess, their performance and enhance the nonprofit in executing its vision efficiently.

With this in mind, I developed the Board Development Handbook (BDH) that focuses on 4 areas:

  • Orientation
  • Training
  • Development
  • Assessment

The BDH will undoubtedly help your Board of Directors Learn:

  • Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Board Responsibility for Financial Oversight
  • Strategic Planning
  • Overseeing the Performance and Compensation of Management

The BDH also offers:

Board Development Tools, such as:

  • 10 Principles that Yield a Great Board
  • Why You Need a Board
  • Board Dynamics
  • Code of Ethics for Board Members
  • Legal and Compliance Issues
  • Board Members and Personal Contributions
  • Financial and Fundraising Issues
  • The Role of the Chair
  • Productive Board Meetings
  • Do We Need Committees


Board Development Forms and Templates:

Prospective Board Candidate

Evaluation an Individual Board Member

Board of Directors Self Evaluation

Activity Report

Board Meetings Evaluation

Conflict of Interest Policy

Board Member Contract


Your Investment is $347

BONUS:   FREE 1 hour Consultation (valued at $150)

FREE e-book – “The Nonprofit Board”


To take advantage of this GREAT SPECIAL NOW!!!            btn_buynowCC_LG

Nonprofit Handbook

September 26, 2014

Attorney Karmen A. Booker has developed a “Nonprofit Handbook that provides strategies and tips for your Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization.  This Handbook is a valuable resource for all Nonprofit Organizations who desire to use effective tools that will undoubtedly yield quality services for their target markets.  The Handbook focuses on the following:

  • Protecting Your Nonprofit Corporation’s Tax Exempt Status
  • Duties of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Building Your Nonprofit’s Board
  • Fundraising
  • Getting Charitable Donors for Your Nonprofit
  • Strategic Planning

  Get Your Copy Today – $15.00

Nonprofit Handbook Cover


* * * * * * * * * * *

Karmen A. Booker is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Owner of Compu-Perfect Professional Services, a business consulting firm specializing in Business Entity Formation (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Nonprofit Corporations), Completing 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exemption Applications, Grant Research and Writing services, and more.  CALL Attorney Booker NOW at (301) 408-1082 so she can help you write your vision, make it plain, and transform your vision into realized goals.


August 29, 2014
e-book Resources That Will Help Your Nonprofit Run Efficiently are:


 The Nonprofit Board is an e-book developed by Attorney Karmen A. Booker.  It discusses the following:
*  Are You Considering Being on the Nonprofit Board

*  Recruiting Nonprofit of Members*  Getting Nonprofit Board Members

*  Legal Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards

*  Getting Commitment from Nonprofit Board Members

*  Effective Nonprofit Board Leadership

*  Tips for Having an Efficient Nonprofit Board Meeting

*  Job Descriptions

It also has a Sample Nonprofit Board Survey Letter and a Sample Nonprofit Board Survey.“The Nonprofit Board” is a valuable resource for all Nonprofit Organizations who desire to discover information and tools that will help them recruit committed Board members and maintain organization efficiency through the Board.  GET YOUR COPY NOW – on SALE for $9.99

Just click on the BUY NOW button below

The Nonprofit Board

Attorney Karmen A. Booker has developed the “Nonprofit Sample Templates” e-book that provides templates for the following:
  • Sample Mission Statements
  • Sample Business Plans
  • Sample Donor Solicitation Letter
  • Sample Thank You Donor Letter
  • Sample Press Release
  • Sample Letter of Inquiry
  • Sample Corporate Donation Letter
  • Sample Board Member Application
  • Sample Board Member Agreement
  • Sample Volunteer Application
  • Sample Volunteer Agreement
The “Nonprofit Sample Templates” is a valuable resource for all Nonprofit Organizations who desire to use effective tools that will undoubtedly help them acquire funding and provide quality services for their target markets.


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Nonprofit Sample Templates Binded


Attorney Karmen A. Booker has developed an E-book called “Fundraising for Nonprofits”.  It  provides Fundraising Tips that include but are not limited to:

  • Developing a Fundraising Plan
  • Writing a Fundraising Letter
  • Over 15 Specific Fundraising Projects such as selling advertisement space in your newsletter and on your website, and more.

Get Your Copy NOW for $5.00

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Fundraising for Nonprofits Binded


“How to Hold Successful Fundraising Events”  is an e-book developed by Attorney Karmen A. Booker.  It discusses:

Choosing What Type of Event to Host

Setting Up an Event Host Committee

Setting the Ticket Price

Planning the Event

Event Speakers

Ticket Selling Structure

Finding Attendees

Turning Pledges Into Dollars

Fundraising Event Checklist

Get Your Copy NOW on SALE for ONLY $9.99

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Holding Fundraisng Events Cvr

Attorney Karmen A. Booker has developed the Corporate Sponsorship Guide where  YOU will Learn:

*  How to Draft a Solicitation Letter

*  What Corporate Sponsors are Looking for in Charitable Events*  The Best Way to Approach Prospective Sponsors*  Where to Start

NOTEIncludes an 8 Step Guide and templates and samples of Corporate Sponsorship Solicitation Letters.


Get Your Copy NOW on SALE for only $9.99

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Corporate Sponsorship Guide Cvr


One-on-One Consulting

July 24, 2014

Thank you for visiting my Nonprofit Site.

By coming to this page, you probably have questions about nonprofits, board governance, grants, fundraising, strategic planning, etc.

In an effort to better accommodate the requests, we distribute FREE Articles bi-weekly through this Blogsite.  SUBSCRIBE TODAY.   By SUBSCRIBING you’ll also be informed when we are hosting our FREE monthly Teleseminars, where Attorney Booker discusses topics ranging from nonprofit business development, strategic planning, corporate sponsorship, how to get donors, fiscal sponsorship, board governance,  and so much more, including questions about the Board of Directors, i.e., can you pay your board members, etc.

Attorney Booker is available to advise you through a One-on-One appointment (see Non profit Coaching rates below).

Non profit Coaching Consultation:

If you prefer a One-on-One consultation, the consulting rate is $150/hour (minimum 1-hour charge).  After the first hour, consulting will be billed at 30 minute intervals ($75.00/half hour).

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Attorney Booker has aided in forming and consulting countless nonprofits throughout the United States and some operating globally. 

1.  Aimes-Afrique (Maryland / Togo)

2.  Hephizabeh Today (Virginia / Haiti)

3.  Elohim Ministries International (Maryland / Nigeria)

4.  El Shaddai Empowerment Services (Maryland / Cameroon)

5.  Hopeful Horizons Charitable Foundation (Virginia / Ghana)

6.  In Step Seniors (Washington, DC)

7 .  Jardins d’Eden  (Maryland / Ivory Coast)

8.  Mountain of Hope Global Prayer Outreach Networking Ministries (New York)

9.  Try God Ministries, Inc. (Mississippi)

10.  Chabash International Health Foundation (Louisiana)

To schedule an appointment, select the Buy Now button below for either an afternoon or evening consultation (Eastern Standard Time).  All appointments are virtual via Conference Call or Skype.

After the first hour, additional charges will be assessed at 30 minute intervals.

You’ll receive a link to schedule your One-on-One Consultation as soon as you register by clicking the Appropriate Buy Now option.

Don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions at 301-408-1082. 

Thank you,

Attorney Karmen A. Booker, Nonprofit Coach / Consultant