One-on-One Consulting SPECIAL


Thank you for visiting my Nonprofit Site.

By coming to this page, you probably have questions about nonprofits, board governance, grants, fundraising, strategic planning, etc.

In an effort to better accommodate the requests, we offer a Nonprofit Membership Site, whereby you can access Articles, Power Point  Presentations, and Videos, ranging from nonprofit board development, strategic planning, corporate sponsorship, how to get donors, board governance, and so much more, including questions about the Board of Directors, i.e., can you pay your board members.  Become a member today, by going to

Attorney Booker is available to advise you through a One-on-One Consultation.

Non profit Coaching Consultation:

If you prefer a One-on-One Consultation, the consulting rate is Normally $150/hour (minimum 1-hour charge).   

However, I am offering a $50 Discount.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Attorney Booker has aided in forming and consulting countless nonprofits throughout the United States and some operating globally. 

1.  Aimes-Afrique (Maryland / Togo)

2.  Hephizabeh Today (Virginia / Haiti)

3.  Elohim Ministries International (Maryland / Nigeria)

4.  El Shaddai Empowerment Services (Maryland / Cameroon)

5.  Hopeful Horizons Charitable Foundation (Virginia / Ghana)

6.  In Step Seniors (Washington, DC)

7.  Mountain of Hope Global Prayer Outreach Networking Ministries (New York)

8.  Try God Ministries, Inc. (Mississippi)

9.  Chabash International Health Foundation (Louisiana)

10.  Women of Divine Destiny (Georgia)

To schedule an appointment, select the Buy Now button below to pay the $100.00 for your 1 hour consultation.   All appointments are virtual via Conference Call or In Person (if you are in the Washington Metropolitan Area).

You’ll receive a link to schedule your One-on-One Consultation as soon as you register by clicking the Buy Now button below.

Don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions at 301-408-1082. 

Thank you,

Attorney Karmen A. Booker,  Nonprofit Coach & Consultant



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