3 Website Tips Non-Profits Can Use to Increase Donor Contributions

Many non-profits struggle with marketing their organization effectively so that it leads to increased exposure and ultimately donor contributions. Simply having a website with pretty pictures and basic content is not enough these days. Visitors to your non-profit site expect more and rightly so. Here are three secrets to having a non-profit website that performs:

Secret Tip #1: Know your visitor

Although your website is about you, visitors are looking for what’s in it for them. Place content on your site that adds value or solves a problem for the visitor. People buy or donate to satisfy a personal psychological need (i.e. to feel better about themselves or to feel they are making a difference). The buying or donating solves the problem of satisfying that psychological need. That is why its critical to write copy on your website that speaks their language and addresses those needs. For instance, a headline such as “Please Donate To Help” is not as persuasive to a visitor as “Make A Difference and Change Lives In Your Community by Helping Now.” Remember, tailor your site’s content and writing so it will benefit the visitor and you are much more likely to persuade them to do what you want.

Secret Tip #2: Gather Visitor Contact Information

Collecting email addresses of your website’s visitors is a smart move. Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are awesome for communicating, but email is still the most effective means of communicating with an audience or informing them of your latest contributions campaign. Offering a free download of valuable content (i.e. free eBook) is the best way to encourage a visitor to share their email info. If you are not currently collecting emails from visitors start now. Your network that you build now will directly impact your future contributions.

Secret Tip #3: Engage Visitors With Video

Video embedded on your site’s homepage is proven to help your site’s search engine rankings. Another immediate benefit is that video engages your audience powerfully, and can reach them in a way mere words can not. Consider posting a video of yourself discussing key points about your organization or answering reader questions. Creating such interesting video content will help build your brand, engage your audience at a deeper level, and hopefully result in more contributions.

Employing these simple tips can really help your non-profit website shine and be more effective. As you put them in place, you will enjoy more engaged visitors that keep coming back for more.


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