5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media— including pages like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and LinkedIn  are playing an increasing role in people’s lives. Nonprofit marketing has benefited from social media marketing in a number of ways.

1.      There is No Need for Large Amounts of Funding

A nonprofit organization, does not pay dividends; rather, its surplus income goes into fulfilling its vision.  Therefore, it does not need to use marketing vehicles that require large amounts of funding.   Social marketing is an inexpensive marketing platform for nonprofits.

2.      Involvement of Stakeholders

Stakeholders tend to hold a great interest in causes that are related to themselves. Social mediums generate an overall integrated experience with those exact stakeholders.

3.      Establishing Relations

Just as social marketing websites give individuals the opportunity to carry on relationships with their friends and associates so too it enables charitable organizations to establish and maintain relationships with their supporter. Moreover, supporters who are already linked with the nonprofit via social networking can use the same channels to tell others about the nonprofit, thus increasing their supporters exponentially.

4.      Videos as Leverage

Charitable organizations can also use social media networking to get potential supporters to view their promotional videos. YouTube has a nonprofit program, whereby such businesses receive special benefits; and these include extra uploading capability and branding capabilities of the highest quality. They may also be added to YouTube’s list of nonprofit channels and videos page, and the videos themselves may include a “call to action” overlay.

5.            Surveys and Polls

An organization can also use Facebook or Twitter to conduct surveys, which are especially useful because they can enable the nonprofit to discover what their supporters and potential supporters approve and disapprove of, and use that information to improve what they offer and how they conduct their business. Surveys can generate interest in fundraisers and other events that are being held by the nonprofit. They can also learn why their donors are making their contributions, what their value, and are interested in.


Attorney Karmen A. Booker has developed the  Nonprofit Sample Template” e-book that provides templates for the following:

* Sample Mission Statements

* Sample Business Plans

* Sample Donor Solicitation Letter

* Sample Thank You Donor Letter

* Sample Press Release

* Sample Letter of Inquiry

* Sample Corporate Donation Letter

* Sample Board Member Application

* Sample Board Member Agreement

* Sample Volunteer Application

* Sample Volunteer Agreement


This Nonprofit Sample Template is a valuable resource for all Nonprofit Organizations who desire to use effective tools that will undoubtedly help them acquire funding and provide quality services for their target markets.

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