Asset Protection – How Does it Work?

How Does Asset Protection Work?

Asset protection is a way of transferring assets into legal structures where your ownership interest is shielded or made invisible or it is turned into a control interest.

What Are the Goals of Asset Protection?

Maintain Your Assets. Your family security is important. In order to maintain your family security, you must act now to protect what you own from unexpected risks and liability. Our legal system unfortunately encourages frivolous lawsuits.

Level the Playing Field. Imagine sitting down for a game of chess in which your opponent allowed you to make the first five moves. Could you set up the board so that your opponent had no chance of winning? Of course. This is what you can do with your assets before you even have an opponent.

Negotiate a Favorable Settlement. Protection is designed to increase your assets safety by creating a climate in which you will be in a strong position to negotiate a very favorable and quick settlement should you find yourself in litigation. Attorneys do not want to pursue anyone who is not showing exposed assets.

Why Do I Need to Protect Assets?

If you lose your assets – your accounts, cash, cars, real estate – you lose your financial lifestyle and security. You may view your home as nothing more than a house. Asset protection allows you to maintain your financial lifestyle. It provides you peace of mind that your nest egg will still be there when you retire and need it.

Putting asset protection into place will protect you from harm and will prevent or discourage lawsuits. Lawyers get 40% of what they can take from you by way of judgment. If you have no exposed assets, lawyers and their clients gain no financial advantage by suing you.


Karmen A. Booker is an Attorney, Business Consultant and Owner of Compu-Perfect Professional Services, a business consulting firm specializing in Business Entity Formation (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Nonprofit Corporations), Completing 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exemption Applications, Grant Research and Writing services, Asset Protection, and more.

Attorney Booker has developed the Asset Protection Kit that helps you:

* Transfer your estate to the loved ones of your choice

* Provides you with Asset Protection tools that you can use to:

1. Avoid probate which is a court process for validating a Will and a deceased persons estate is distributed in accordance with the Will or via the state’s law of intestate succession.

2. Transfer your assets to your loved ones more quickly than a Will.

NOW is the Best Time to Protect Your Assets.

Here’s where you can grab your copy of my Do-It-Yourself Asset Protection Kit which has been discounted by 50% off the regular price –

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Bonus 1: Make Sure Your Assets Go to the Ones You Love

Bonus 2: Will vs. Living Trust – Which is Best For You


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